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The Booze Guru's Classic Margarita

The Booze Guru’s Classic Margarita
– A civilized drink.

This recipe is based on decades of research, experimentation, and hangovers. I’m completely, and sadly, serious. A Margarita is a simple drink and one that deserves a bit of respect.
Personally, I’m *sickened* by all the fancy recipes out there that call for Agave Nectar, Sweet & Sour, mint, or… *shudder* a blender! You want a Slurpee: go to 7-Eleven.

The Booze Guru’s Classic Margarita

  • 2 parts lime juice (fresh lime, not reconstituted, not frozen, not sweetened) -Only use Key or West Indian limes, NEVER use Persian as they’re too bitter
  • 2 parts Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • 3 parts Silver Tequila  (Cazadores Blanco recommended)

Add ice to your shaker.  Add all ingredients to the shaker. Shake until your hands hurt form the cold, then shake for ten seconds longer . Strain and serve Up in a chilled cocktail glass (see pic above), or serve Over (just dump the whole shaker) in a tumbler.  Garnish with a slice or wedge of lime.