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Casa Noble "Crystal"

Casa Noble “Crystal”

Casa Noble “Crystal” Tequila

Proof: 80
Color: clear
Nose: sweet, that “Cuervo” scent
Taste: sweet, sour, peppery
Finish: harsh & cloying
Value: oh god why did i buy this?!?!

Casa Noble “Crystal” Tequila is Casa Noble’s silver/blanco entry into the world of tequilas.  Casa Noble is also at the forefront of organic planting for their agave plants.  This is a true tequila, meaning that it is from Jalisco and is made solely from the Blue Weber tequila plant.  Being a true tequila and cultivated with a conscience, I am floored by how awful it is.

Let’s Not Mince Words: This tequila is bad.

Upon smelling Casa Noble Crystal, my stomach immediately tried to wretch.  As pretty as the hand blown crystal bottle is, it houses a tequila that fights with Jose Cuervo for “the scent and taste of a misspent early twenty-something’s Saturday Night.”  Seriously, when you smell this stuff, you’ll swear you’re smelling a $15 bottle of Cuervo… and there is NOTHING good about that.

In its price point, Casa Noble Crystal is more expensive than Patron, Tequila 1921 and Don Eduardo.  Which is incredibly remarkable when you consider that it tastes las bad as it does.  It’s clear that, like Crystal Skull Vodka, you’re paying for the bottle here, not what’s inside.

Let’s Not Mince Words: This tequila is bad.

I loathe “shooting” tequila.  The reason you “shoot” anything is because the flavor is horrid.  And, at my age, if the flavor is bad, I’m not gonna waste my time with it.  Casa Noble Crystal tequila is a serious time waster.  But if you have a gun held to your head and are being forced to drink this tequila, slam this stuff back as quickly as possible and PRAY that there are limes nearby.  Many limes.

I’m struggling to figure out any positive aspects that might lead you to purchase this booze, but it’s just… not working.  The bottle is NICE, I’ll give you that.  It’s a lovely hand-blown glass decanter, very classy. Perhaps I’ll wash it and use to house Clase Azul, since that stuff comes in a ridiculously tall bottle that won’t fit on any shelf.  Other than that… I can’t think of any positives for you; definitely none for your palate. The real pain is: it’s too expensive to pour down the drain, but too terrible to drink.

I’m struggling to figure out any positive aspects that might lead you to purchase this booze, but it’s just… not working.

[Update]  I’ve tried making Tequila Sunrises with it, but the scent & flavor still breaks through. In a Margarita where you use Rose’s Lime (not fresh squeezed lime) and a shot of Grand Marnier, it is palatable.  But even then, you’re taking your sanity into your own hands; I will not be held responsible for anyone consuming this stuff after reading my blog.

Honestly folks, I’m going to have to quote the Bard on this one:

“Horrible.  Horrible.  Most horrible.”

Final Rating: 31 out of 100