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So, I had a bit of an email discussion with a journalist.

He claims that my review of Casa Noble Crystal tequila is “mean spirited”, “hateful”, and “lacking any journalistic qualities.”

He stated that it’s “unlike anything I’ve ever read in our industry” and he’s “never seen such anger in our industry.”

He says, “I consider it unprofessional to be so mean and hide behind a veil.  If I have something to say, I say it with my name on it.”

I replied:

So, you think that my one seriously negative review is my only unprofessional review?  If you’ve actually read my other postings, you’ll note that ALL of it is “unprofessional.”  Also, if you’ve popped by my “About” page, you’ll note my name is right there on it: I’m not hiding behind a veil.  That page also explains that I’m not blogging just about the booze; it also explains that my opinions will be stated and that I do want to entertain folks.

You keep referring to the “industry.”  I’m not sure to what industry you are referring, but I can assure you that I’m not in it.  I’m not a journalist, I’m a blogger.  And I’m not in the liquor industry, meaning: I paid $45 for that paint thinner that dares to call itself tequila.

To further state my opinion: I think you’re taking me, the Internet, and yourself too seriously here.

I’ll review my post and see if there’s any way for me to tone down the anger you see in it.  Personally, I think folks should be able to say what they want on their own blog, but no one likes the accusation of being a hater.  I’m here to have fun, not bully anyone.

So, what do you all think?  Should I have a caved and toned down my language?  Should I be worried about being labelled a hater?  Should I have even bothered to engage in a conversation with that guy?

Post here, hit me up on Twitter, or email me.

Oh, FYI: the CEO of Casa Noble follows me on Twitter. (Heck, he’s my ONLY follower on Twitter!)  I can only guess that he’s read the review.  And yet, he hasn’t called me any names nor pointed any fingers.  Hmm.