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Awards and accolades!

The Booze Guru has been chosen as Foodista’s Drink Blog of the Day for May 1, 2013!

Foodista Drink Blog of the Day Badge

Was it my charm?  Was it my wit?  Was it my way with a bottle of Gin?  Maybe a little of all.  But they’ve picked Home Bar 101a – Your First Home Bar as the featured post for the day.

From Foodista.Com

Lookee here! I’m all famous and stuff!!

It’s a very cyclical turn of events as a comment from another blogger on another of my blog posts lead the the creation of the 101a blog post that lead to the Featured Blog status.  (was that too meta?)

At any rate, I am honored.  While you’re checking out 101a, please stick around and check out some of my other posts.  And please comment!  Maybe we can generate more awards together.

Thank you!