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So, you’ll all remember the great Booze Hunt of 2013, yes?

If yes, you’ll remember that I took this photo:

The Beer Basket from April 2013's Booze Hunt

The Beer Basket from April 2013’s Booze Hunt

So, this morning, a friend of mine posted a link to:

Combining Fitness Quotes with Pictures of Alcohol Consumption Results in Unexpected Life Lessons

Well, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see this:

“Do Not Reward Yourself with Food; You’re Not a Dog”

Sadly, my blog gets no props for this appropriation of my most excellent photography.  Not even a little blurb at the end…

Insert a smirk and a wink here.

I’m completely not upset about it.  That’s why there’s no “BoozeGuru.Net” tag on my photos.  It’s the Internet.  Everything is going to used be everyone else.  If I have anything to which I’m particularly attached, I’ll tag it.

But hey, if you all find other uses of my photos on the Interwebs, please let me know!  I love seeing my stuff as it makes its way off into the wilds of the digital jungles.

Happy Friday and Cheers!