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Leopold's Gin, Cutler's Gin, Ocean Vodka, Bluecoat Gin

Leopold’s Gin, Cutler’s Gin, Ocean Vodka, Bluecoat Gin

Welcome to June, the month in which lies the most auspicious of days: National Martini Day.  It’s June 16th, in case you’d like to make a countdown calendar.

As a tribute to that excellent libation, I shall focus all posts in the month to The Martini and its variants.

The above picture is a glimpse into the boozes I’ll be reviewing in June.  Tasty beverages all around, and all good choices for your Martini or Martini-variation.

Yes yes… I have a vodka in that picture and I firmly believe that a *real* Martini is made with Gin.  But, I’ll bend the rules this time around… you’ll see why soon enough.

So, welcome to the BoozeGuru’s own: Martini Month!