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Beefeater, the last London gin...

Beefeater, the last London gin…

Beefeater Gin

Proof: 80
Color: clear
Nose: juniper
Taste: juniper & citrus
Finish: crisp

London Dry Gin, as a style of Gin, was developed after the invention of the column still.  Compared to the pot still, the column still can sustain continuous distillation; no emptying the pot and starting over.  At the time (early to mid 1800’s) this was a major development.  A departure from the Holland Gin (Genever) that was popular at the time, London Dry was softer & less intense in flavor, and quite a bit easier on the wallet as well.  This led to: popularity.

At one point, the City of London was practically littered with Gin distilleries.  But today, only Beefeater remains in London as an old-world London Dry Gin distillery.

The moment for which you’ve been waiting:  Let’s not mince words –

Beefeater is *the* classic Gin I’ve been searching for.

I am done. Search over. I like others, but Beefeater is it.

I’m surprised at how remarkably inexpensive Beefeater is. In its price point, compare it to New Amsterdam, Gilbey’s, or Gordon’s.  And that, for me, is the real kicker.  This is a Gin that costs about $14, but tastes like a $30 to $35 Gin.

As part of my tasting ritual, I always sample the product at room temperature, with no additives (no ice, no water, no citrus.)  I was blown away by the slightly sweet, very juniper scent.  I was then once again blown away by the smooth citrus and juniper flavors, and the warm & clean finish.  I then, just for kicks, added an ice cube and: wow.  So smooth and so tasty.

Beefeater is a well-balanced gin.  On my oft underused Gin scale from:

Citrus – – – – Juniper – – – – Floral

Beefeater sits squarely between Citrus and Juniper.  Amazingly, that “disinfectant” scent I expect of Gins in the less-than-$20 price point never reared its ugly head.  This is a smooth, pleasant Gin, suitable for sipping on its own or with an ice cube.  And with it’s low price point, you can mix it with no guilt.

This is a smooth, pleasant Gin, suitable for sipping on its own or with an ice cube.

Beefeater is now my Gin-of-choice for:

Versatile, smooth, inexpensive… I have found my new house Gin.

Final Rating: 94 out of 100