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IMG_6117Cutler’s Gin

Proof: 92
Color: clear
Nose: oranges, flowers, and table sugar
Taste: citrus & sweet
Finish: sweet & warm
Value: who cares? if you can find it, get it!

Cutler’s Gin is a hidden gem.

As part of my own Martini Month, I’ve been devoting a great amount of time to Gin. As you may recall, I wrote about Bluecoat American Gin and Leopold’s Gin, and I called them both Great American Gins.  Cutler’s also belongs to the upper-echelon class.

Down to Not Mincing Words:

Cutler’s Gin is so beautifully crafted that they should teach other Gin makers how to.

I’m so completely smitten by Cutler’s that I feel a Haiku coming on…

Masterful spirit
Citrus dances on my tongue
Sublime Cutler’s Gin

My bottle of Cutler’s Gin was secured by the infamous Dan & Susy while about their travels.  The bottle is emblazoned with “Distilled in Santa Barbara, California” which, thankfully lets you know where to go find it.  In my particular neck of the woods, I’d need to make a trip to San Francisco to secure a bottle.  But Los Angelistas have it easy.

Cutler’s comes in between Bluecoat and Leopold’s in terms of price.  And with its high proof, it’s worth every frakkin’ penny.  Aviation, Bluecoat, Death’s Door, Plymouth… all have a similar price tag to Cutler’s.  So, what are you getting for your money?

Remember how I said that the scent of Leopold’s was heavy citrus?  They ain’t got nothing on Cutler’s.  This is a new American Gin that tosses tradition out the door.  I also mentioned “breaking rules” earlier this month.  And this is another item I was foreshadowing. Orange, pomelo and lemon peels are tossed into this spirit and that heavy citrus mix completely dominates both the scent and the taste.  But for the nose specifically: sweet orange.  That’s what Cutler’s delivers and it is heavenly.
I thoroughly enjoy the citrus flavor and candy sweetness that Cutler’s delivers.  Use the old “whiskey chew” on this Gin and you’ll pick up on some of the more nuanced flavors like jasmine, elderflower and cardamom.
However, the juniper… barely there.  It’s a refreshing take on the classic standards.  As rule breakers go, Cutler’s does it right.

The finish is sweet, warm and satisfying.  This is one Gin that I truly enjoy straight.  One ice cube to help dial down the proof is a welcome option as well.

On my Gin scale from:

Citrus – – – – Juniper – – – – Floral

Cutler’s sits squarely on Citrus.  For some reason, the dialed back juniper that I found a let down with Leopold’s, is a joyful twist with Cutler’s.

As rule breakers go, Cutler’s does it right.

I’d recommend sipping it straight or with an ice cube.  But if you must mix it, it’ll excel in:

My life would be incomplete if I didn’t have Cutler’s in my liquor cabinet.  And I would be a truly sad person.

Final Rating: 94 out of 100