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Kaj Añejo Tequila

Kah Añejo Tequila

Kah Añejo Tequila

Proof: 80
Color: amber
Nose: caramel, vanilla, fresh herbs
Taste: toffee, coffee, hit of citrus
Finish: smooth and sweet
Value: really good

Just in time for your Dia de los Muertos (Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve)  celebration, I’m pleased to present for your consideration: Kah Añejo.

As I’ve stated time and again, I’ve long held the believe that “true” tequilas are 100% blue agave and are unaged.  And by “unaged” I mean that the tequila has spent zero time in a barrel.

I now have so many exceptions to that rule, that it’s barely a guideline anymore.  And Kah Añejo is certainly one of the exceptions.

Let’s Not Mince Words:

Kah Añejo tequila is sweet, smooth, mellow and full of real tequila flavor.

So, likely you’re sitting there with one eyebrow raised saying, “Sure, Eron, it’s probably a nice tequila. But how much am I paying for the sugar skull-esc bottle?”  And I’ll respond: “Honestly, maybe 3 or 4 bucks.”  The bottle is handmade ceramic from Mexico and really should cost a premium, but the tequila inside is totally worth the $50-$60 retail cost.

The scent of Kah Añejo is a wonderful blend of real Tequila and smooth Bourbon.  Its time in an oak cask has imparted some serious beauty to this offering.  Scents of caramel, toasted nut, and mild vanilla all come from the barrel.  The smells of fresh herbs and raw sugar come from the roasted agave piña.  Together, they tell me everything I want to know: this tequila still holds true to its roots, but has a nice measure of barrel beauty.

As for the flavor, the citrus and herbs start and finish this aged tequila’s journey across your palate.  And those barrel notes…  The smoothness from the barrel comes across as coffee, toffee, and a touch of roasted nuts. It’s all beautiful.

And, as often as I thumb my nose as Tequilas that try too hard to Bourbon-like, sip this one as you would a Bourbon.  No, Kah isn’t trying to be like a Bourbon, but if you give it a good whiskey chew, you’ll get the full story that this tequila wants to tell you.

This tequila still holds true to its roots, but has a nice measure of barrel beauty.

And the finish.  Oh, the finish.  Smooth and sweet, but not too long.  It’s middle-length finish that requires no chaser.  Zero “tequila bite” on this baby.

This is a serious sit & sip Tequila. Feel free to sip and watch as the Trick-or-Treaters frolic through your neighborhood.  …or before you visit your family plot at the Cemetery.

Final Rating: 92 out of 100