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I managed to irritate my left eye so badly that the eyelid puffed up.  It looks very not pretty.  So, I went to the doctor to get it checked out.

Standard procedure for them is to check blood pressure and heart rate when anyone comes in.  So, I’ll be thanking God and the Universe for giving me a messed up (yet easily treatable) left eyelid because:


As a man under age 60, I should have a blood pressure rating of no higher than 140/80.  Having blood pressure of 159/90 is a very bad thing.

They’re testing for other things (like heart and kidney damage) but, as far as this blog is concerned: things may slow down.  I mean, even more slow than they are now.

I’m supposed to, among other things, limit my alcohol intake.  Since one cannot Sip-and-Spit Spirits (you must swallow for the Finish) I’ll need to be more mindful of my non-blogworthy intake.  And being mindful isn’t one of my strong suits when it comes to good booze.

So, just a warning to my faithful readers that there may be more blog-style posts, and less reviews coming up.

Happy 159/90 Day!