Not coincidentally, the same can be said (and concluded) for the Certification for Sprirts Specialists. Still, those three little letters open some doors.

the drunken cyclist

There has been a bit of a maelström this past week on social media following the publication of Matt Kramer’s recent column in the Wine Spectator. Mr. Kramer has written for the Spectator for over thirty years and those times that I actually read the magazine, I invariably read his column first. I do not always agree with him (and no doubt he lies awake at night worried about that), but I usually find his articles interesting if not thought-provoking.

This month, his article did a bit more than provoke thought, I think it is safe to say that it incited a riot (well, as much of a riot as one could expect from a Chablis drinking “mob”). His column is not available online unless you are a paying customer of (which I am not), but I have read it and it took him about a thousand words to say:

Wine credentials…

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