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As you’ll note, I’ve been especially quiet this month. outsick

Why?  Well… I had a particularly nasty head cold that was promptly followed by another head cold.  I couldn’t smell much at all which directly impacts my sense of taste as well.

So, as a guy who tastes things and posts his tasting opinions on the Internet, what do I do when my senses of taste & smell are lessened by sickness?

I sit on the sidelines and softly wimper.

I can’t, in good conscience, weigh in on the aspects of any booze if I’m not at 100%.  It just won’t work for me and it wouldn’t be fair to what I’m tasting.  I was sitting here trying to come up with a fistful of analogies or similes, but none came to me so I’ll just say:

Sick tasters need to stay home and get better.

Of course, in my 9 to 5 job, if folks would stay home and get better instead of coming to work sick, I might not have been down for 97% of this month!  So, I’ll rephrase:

Anyone and everyone who is sick needs to stay home until they’re better!

At any rate, I’m nearly back to 100% and have some tasty things lined up for reviews in April.  Some clear booze, and some not so clear booze.

Stay tuned!