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Bēt American Vodka

Bēt American Vodka

Bēt Vodka

Proof: 80
Color: clear
Nose: clean
Taste: neutral
Finish: smooth and light
Value: lovely

It’s not often that I find myself on the cutting edge of up & coming spirits, and yet here I am… talking about Bēt Vodka.

First up, yes, it’s pronounced “beet.” Next up, yes, it’s a vodka made from beets.

Then, a firm NO, it’s not made from deep red beets I’d juice and turn into a cocktailBēt Vodka is made from sugar beets. Specifically, sugar beets from America’s Heartland. Why is that important? Because it is. In this day and age of continuing job woes and stuttering agriculture, for me, being able to say that Bēt Vodka isn’t just an American vodka, but that it’s made from 100% American ingredients grown in America is a damn fine thing.  (Which is why I’ll also pause here to tip my hat to Pau.)

Anyway, you’ll want me to cut to my famous “Let’s Not Mince Words” quote:

Clean, crisp, and velvety smooth, Bēt Vodka is top-shelf, high quality, sipping vodka.

There are very few vodkas that I consider sipping quality.  To me, vodka is a mixer.  It’s a booze that’s meant to be mixed with other boozes or even juices. Bēt, however, is excellent on its own; no mixing required.  Heck, it doesn’t even need chilling or an ice cube.

Now would be the time for me to point out that Bēt Vodka is grain-free and gluten free.  No wheat in there, so no woes about that.  It’s made from the same thing that a large portion of the world’s table sugar is made from. But don’t go thinking that would make this a sweet vodka; it’s not. It’s a neutral vodka. I don’t know how sugar beets make for a flavorless vodka, and I don’t care.  I just know that:

The goal of vodka is to be as clean and flavorless and spring water; Bēt is as close as you’re going to get.

I get no flavor and nearly no nose from Bēt Vodka.  What little scent I do get reminds me of Clementine or Meyer lemon blossoms (which I have in abundance around my house right now).  Mild, clean, slightly floral, the nose on Bēt is defeated by an ice cube or slight chilling.

So, the finish: quick, clean, and warm.  Bēt is a sipping vodka, truly. The finish fades quickly, leaving you ready for next sip.

Bēt is a sipping vodka, truly.

Honestly, folks… I’m not really that much of a fan of Vodka.  I’ve always been a Gin & Whiskey man.  But Bēt has me re-evaluating my life.  While I’m loving the heck out of sipping it straight, I could easily sip Bēt in a Vodka Tonic, a Lemon Drop, a Vesper, I’d even use it as a replacement for Gin in my Gibson.  Yes… I’m serious.  No, I haven’t fallen and bumped my head.  It’s that good.

I apologize for the short review, but I have more Bēt to sip and typing is keeping my hands far too occupied.  Not even halfway through the year and I’m already doling out another superlative:

Final Rating: 97 out of 100