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Why I didn’t blog about tequila this April.


So, as many of you noticed, I did not spend the month of April posting about Tequila.  I’ve done so since firing up this blog, so it’s the norm, right?

Well, that’s precisely why I didn’t.

By now, you should all have a firm grasp on the fact that good tequila will cost you  $25 (U.S.) or more. [A lot more if you do it right!] You know that you do not shoot quality tequila, you sip it like a fine Cognac.  There is no need for salt nor lime with an excellent tequila; save that for your Mexican beer.

And, you also know that May 5 is a totally U.S. celebration, as Mexican Independence Day is in September.  I have written so many articles about tequila, that, as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m sipping Bourbon. Yeah.

Tequila? Whatever. Here, have some of this!

I like tequila as much as the next guy.  Probably more so than that guy.  But as I sit here pondering the stuff and the annual wasting of it on shots and sugary sweet Margarita wannabes, I am saddened. Much in the way that St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t sadden me.  This year had me sipping Black Velvets and Tullymore Dew 12 happily, even though I was getting over a wicked sickness! No, I will not be sipping tequila this May 5th.

Not gonna do it.

Mmm… tasty.

I’m saving my quality tequila for a lovely night of Mexican food at home.  I will, however, be sipping Courvoisier VSOP… Which is what the original batches of aged tequila were striving to be*.  Yeah, ponder that one for a bit.

*Ok fine. They were shooting for brandy.  But if they’d known about the epicness that is Courvoisier VSOP, I guarantee you that’s what they would have gone for.

Anyway, poke around my site and you’ll find the articles on tequila that you’re seeking. Or, if you’re supremely lazy:

Go buy Maestro Dobel, Fortaleza, Campeón, Don Julio, or even Cazadores.

Now, go have a happy Star Wars Day, and a merry May the Fifth.