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So, you likely guessed that when I did a “Part One” that a “Part Two” would soon follow.  And here it is!


I reviewed Stillhouse’s “Original” Moonshine, Peach Tea, and Apple Crisp.  I really do love the Peach Tea and Apple Crisp.  So, let’s see how Coconut, Red Hot, and Mint Chip stack up, shall we?

First Up, Coconut!

Stillhouse Moonshine Coconut

Proof: 69
Color: clear
Nose: sweet popcorn, mild coconut
Taste: white corn, mild coconut
Value: decent

As you’ll remember, Stillhouse takes their base neutral moonshine and adds a flavored liqueur to it get their varieties. In this case, obviously, they’ve added a coconut liqueur to get their flavor.

Sadly, they needed to add more.

Coconut is clearly not very coconut flavored.  It’s there, but it’s subtle. Far too subtle. If you want coconut flavored cocktails, you’ll need some coconut milk or coconut creme, because this stuff won’t give you the taste you want.

At only 69 proof (like the other flavors) it is smooth. Stillhouse coconut is clearly sippable, sweet, and mellow.  Sadly, it’s missing a few key things that would make it stellar: proof and flavor.

Stillhouse Moonshine Coconut Whiskey:
Final Rating: 80 out of 100

Hot and sweet, Stillhouse Red Hot delivers.

Up next, Red Hot!

Stillhouse Moonshine Red Hot

Proof: 69
Color: clear
Nose: Cinnamon Candy
Taste: strong cinnamon, mild sweetness, mellow heat
Value: pretty good

With a name like “Red Hot” you’d expect a drink with some nice cinnamon heat, but would still offer some sweetness.

And this stuff delivers.

As much of a let down as the Coconut was, that’s how perfectly spot on the Red Hot is. I’m impressed.

No, this stuff isn’t pretending to be like that cinnamon whiskey that I refuse to mention.  To me, this is clearly its own concoction.  No whiskey flavors, no barrel notes, just spicy cinnamon candy in a can.

From the nose, to the taste, to the finish, you get cinnamon and heat. No apologies. The heat present in this guy makes me happy. I know it’s not an alcohol burn, but still: it’s heat and I’ll take it.

Hot and sweet, Stillhouse Red Hot delivers.

Stillhouse Moonshine Red Hot Whiskey:
Final Rating: 91 out of 100

 I like it, but I think there’s room for improvement.

And lastly, Mint Chip…

Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip

Proof: 69
Color: clear
Nose: mild mint, mild white sugar
Taste: Mint chip ice cream
Value: pretty good

Well, here we have a puzzler.  I like it, but I think there’s room for improvement.

See, I’m a huge fan of Peppermint Schnapps and Creme de Menthe. So, mint is in my wheelhouse. Always has been.  Until about age 35, I demanded a Baskin Robbin’s Mint Chip Ice Cream cake for my birthday every year.  So when I see a hootch that’s labeled “Mint Chip” it damn well better taste like mint chip!

And sure, Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip tastes like mint chip ice cream, but it’s dialed back.  Not nearly as bad as the coconut, but enough to make me think that maybe they goofed.

It’s minty, and sweet, and slightly chocolatey across the palate.  An ice cube dials up the mint, but kills the chocolate.  The finish leaves a mild lingering mintiness, but not enough to make me supremely happy.

I’m a bit sad.

Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey:
Final Rating: 88 out of 100

And there you have it.  A full review of Stillhouse’s Moonshine offerings… Well, as of July 17, 2016. Who knows what they might create in the future!