So, we’re at two years & 102 posts.

I was really hoping for two posts a month as an average, and I’m a little sad that I’ve fallen short of that goal.  But last Summer was a bit tough… Still, I’m shooting to hit 3 posts a month this year!

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the last year:

  • Over 130,000 folks popped by last year.  Thanks for viewing!
  • My review of Bulleit Bourbon is currently the most viewed post.
  • Sunday is now my favorite day to blog (apparently).
  • I (still) get the most views of my blog from the United States. (Canada #2, the U.K. #3)
  • Two distributors and one distiller contacted me directly last year.
  • Facebook & Twitter now drive more people here than WordPress itself.
  • Your favorite recipe? The Ginger Collins.
  • Your favorite vodka? New Amsterdam. (Let’s update that to Green Mark for next year, shall we?)

Last year was a long strange ride, but here’s hoping that this year turns out to be the best yet!