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I see older ladies and gents come into the shop, grab a bottle of booze (or two of the same) and head out with just that one booze with clockwork regularity.

They’ve found the one perfect booze for them… The singular spirit that makes them happy.

And it’s made me wonder… Am I there yet? Have I identified the single bottle I’ll still be happy with when I’m 70?

I don’t think I’m there yet; however, when I asked my wife what she thought the answer was a superlative:

Gin. Duh.

As much as I love Bourbons and Ryes, she’s right: Gin is my go-to booze.

But which gin?

I figure that if this mystical “One Gin to Rule Them All” really will stick with me forever, it needs to meet certain requirements to ensure everlasting availability:

1. It must be available at most supermarkets and at ALL liquor stores.
2. It must be flavorful enough to satisfy me, but neutral enough to please others when needed.
3. It must be unique enough to keep me happy, but not so unique as to make it hard to find (see #1).

I’m pretty sure it’ll take me a while to whittle down the list, but two Gins that meet 2 of 3 criteria out of the gate are Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray 10… And they’re close on the third.

I’d love to say: “Oh easy! Plymouth!” But it’s actually become hard to find in my neck of the woods. Harder still to find is Aviation. So while they both meet criteria 2 & 3, they painfully fail #1… Which is an immediate failure state for this game.

As I said, it’ll take me a while to noodle this out.

While I do: Do you a go-to bottle? Have you found the one bottle that will make you happy forever?
If yes, please share your pick!
If not, are you interested in the journey?