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Proof: 69
Color: clear
Nose: corn syrup, cinnamon, candied fruit
Taste: refined sugar, cinnamon, hint of orris root/berry
Value: meh

You’ll remember that, oh so long ago, I wrote up the 6 “original” flavors that Stillhouse offered up. As they are mostly flavored liqueur types, I eschewed a more traditional review and instead went with a truncated version.

As this, too, is a one-trick-pony, I’ll stick with the truncated version.

You’ll remember that I said:

Stillhouse Moonshine Whiskey “Original” is not what I’d call moonshine.  It’s a 100% corn-based neutral spirit, unaged. So I won’t quibble there.
Where I will quibble is: everyone makes “moonshine” now. I’ve already talked up Ole Smoky, of which I am a fan. But there’s also H.Walker, King’s County, Manhattan, Dutch’s, Midnight Moon, Tahoe, and so on and so on.

I also said: Clearly, Stillhouse’s neutral corn base was *meant* to have flavors added.

And this time around, I’m sipping on a “Spiced Cherry” version of Stillhouse.

Last time around, it was a mixed bag.  Here too, we have a mixed bag.

First up, price. This “limited release” Stillhouse is 50% more expensive than its non-limited counterparts. And that’s a bad thing.

Next up, nose. I get the “spiced” portion of this offering, easily. Cinnamon all over the place. Reminds me of their Red Hot whiskey. Lots of corn sweetness on the nose, too. But no cherry. Sure, some candied fruit, but not really cherry.

Then, the taste. Again, lots of spice, no real cherry.  Orris root is me being kind. There’s a floral-berry thing going on, but it’s not cherry.

And lastly, the finish. Warm but quick.

Sadly, I am not impressed with the nose, flavor, nor finish on this offering from Stillhouse. And with the price mark up, I’m seriously let down.

Stillhouse Moonshine “Spice Cherry” Whiskey:
Final Rating: 79 out of 100