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This Year’s Contenders!

It’s time to name the 2017 Booze of the Year!  And these two whiskies truly rose to the top:

Uncle Nearest 1856 & Michter’s Single Barrel Bourbon 10 years old.

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Looking back over the year, there were a number of great boozes that I wrote up.  But Uncle Nearest and Michter’s 10 are the stand outs.

Now, Michter’s has deeper flavors, but the price and scarcity are serious deterrents.

Uncle Nearest, on the other hand, has lighter flavors in comparison, but a nice hit of smoke & oak across the palate. Plus, the fact that it’s less than half of the cost of Michter’s 10 doesn’t hurt!

So where does this leave us? Well, I’m giving this award to the whiskey that blew my socks off.  I was *not* expecting it to be anywhere near as awesome as it was, therefore:

The 2017 Booze of the Year is:


Uncle Nearest 1856 – 2017 Booze of the Year

Long live the King.